Tokio Marine HCC

Artisan Contractor Program Eligible Classes:

TMHCC Contractors Personal Property Summary

Artisan Program Overview 2017

Artisan Contractor Indication Questionnaire 

Tokio Marine Supplemental Application

Additional Insured Request Form



Kemper Preferred

For Underwriting and service requests, please call WIAA at 800-553-4221. For Claims and Billing, please call Kemper Preferred at 866-675-3345.


Personal Lines Products:

  • Auto – Packaged business only. 100/300 minimum limits. 500/500/250 maximum.  Good drivers only; newly licensed dependent children with clean MVR ok on family accounts. Autos must be registered to named insured.
  • Auto – Drivers with 1 Not-At-Fault accident in past 3 years are ineligible
  • Auto – No excluded drivers. All drivers in household must be CA Good Drivers.
  • Auto – Standard common vehicles (i.e. not Bentley, Lamborghini, etc.). Cost under $100K new
  • Home – Monoline home ok. Loss free single family structures and duplexes only
  • Home – 5 years loss experience; over 1 loss is ineligible
  • Home – HO3 Protection class 1-8 max coverage A is $1 Million
  • Home – HO4 max coverage A is $200K
  • Home – HO4 min $35K in contents coverage ($42K in Blanket coverage)
  • Home – HO6 max coverage A is $300K
  • Dwelling Fire – Must write HO3 with Kemper. One- and two-family dwellings only. No more than 8 units per policyholder with a limit of 4 locations
  • Inland Marine – Appraisal required if item is $25K+ (jewelry, furs, fine arts & silverware)
  • Boat – Hull $75K max; Liability $500K max
  • Umbrella – available


  • 20% off Auto and 20% off HO3 with package
  • 15% off Auto and 17% off HO6 with package
  • 10% off Auto and 10% off HO4 with package
  • 15% off primary HO3 if insuring multiple homes


Why Sell Kemper Preferred
Click here for FSC rating tips and tricks
Click here for personal umbrella worksheet
Click here for helpful video explaining Kemper Preferred’s Blanket Property Limit
Kemper Package Plus with Youtube Links

Kemper Preferred Auto Underwriting Manual – including discounts
Kemper Preferred Home Underwriting Manual – including discounts
Kemper Preferred Auto and Home Appetite
Kemper Preferred HO3 Coverage Comparison Sheet
Kemper Preferred Umbrella
Kemper Preferred HO3 Policy Features
Kemper Preferred HO4 Policy Features
Kemper Preferred HO6 Policy Features





For Underwriting and service requests, please call WIAA at 800-553-4221. For Claims and Billing, please call Nationwide at 800-282-1446.


Personal Lines Products:

  • Auto – 50/100/25 minimum limits. 100/300/50 preferred. 500/500 max limits. Stand alone ok. Good drivers only; newly licensed dependent children with clean MVR ok on family accounts.
  • Autos must be registered to named insured or corporation solely owned by an individual, husband and wife or Registered Domestic Partner
  • Occupation discounts available (must submit proof): scientists, engineers, credentialed teacher/professor, physician, registered nurse, pharmacist, veterinarian, dentist, accountant, firefighter, paramedics/EMT, pilot, law enforcement officer, business owner and accredited college alumni.
  • Home – Stand alone ok. Up to $1.5 Mil with UW approval
  • HO6 – Up to $200K Coverage A. $10K min Cov A.
  • HO4 – UP to $200K Coverage C
  • Dwelling Fire -Up to $750K Coverage A (must have primary home)
  • Personal Umbrella – Available. Must insure auto, home and any other lines with Allied. 250/500/100 minimum underlying auto limits


All Discounts Quick Reference
Auto Quick Reference
SmartRide FAQs
Roadside Coverage
Allied Extra for Auto and Home
Home Quick Reference
Optional Home Package Endorsement Comparison Chart
Scheduled Personal Property
Home Equipment Breakdown Flyer
HO6 Premier Endorsement Highlights
Dwelling Fire Quick Reference
Umbrella Quick Reference


Commercial Lines:

Auto Plus Comparison
Auto Service Program Flyer
BA Business Interruption Flyer
BOP Pkg Cheat Sheet
Food Service Program Flyer
Office Program Flyer
Retail Services Flyer
Service Program Flyer
Target BOP Classes
BOP Coverage Highlights
Small Commercial Sweet Spots




WIAA is pleased to offer the Fairs & Festivals Program through our strategic alliance with MarketScout. Coverage is with an A+ XV company.

Coverage available in CA, NV, AZ, NM and TX. Annual or short term policies including income protection for no show or event cancellation are available.


-Special Events


-Liquor Liability
-Abuse & Molestation
-Pyrotechnics Liability
-Directors & Officers / Errors & Omissions
-Event Cancellation & Non-Appearance
-Prize Indemnity
-Incidental Medical Malpractice
-Umbrella Liability
-Participant / Volunteer Accident
-Participant Liability
-Contingent Ride Liability
-Bailee Coverage


-Up to $10M limits on most Casualty Coverages
-Up to $20M on Property Coverages
-Up to $10M on Contingency Coverages


-Acord Application
Fairs & Fairgrounds Supplemental Application
Festivals/Special Event Supplemental Application



Workers’ Compensation (monoline only)

  • Min. policy premium is $750
  • 4 years CVLR
  • New ventures okay; detailed experience requested
  • 5% rate credit for all eligible Calif. Restaurant Assoc. (CRA) members
  • 5% rate credit for Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (AAGLA) members
  • 10% rate credit for Integrated-Anthem Blue Cross subscribers

Top Classes:

• Physicians                 • Laundry and Dry Cleaning            • Property Management
• Bakeries                     • Quick Printing                                 • Auto Body Shops
• Restaurants               • Clothing Manufacturing                • Jewelry Stores

Employers is looking to grow in the following classes:

• Retail Stores            • Hotels               • Auditors and Accountants
• Clerical                     • Attorneys          • Colleges

Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies

Workers’ Compensation (monoline only)

  • Min. policy premium is $1,000
  • Supplemental application required
  • 3 years CVLR
  • New ventures accepted


Commercial Lines

  • California only
  • Must include FEIN # on all applications
  • $500 min. premium
  • BOP
  • Package – Submit to carrier
  • Auto – Submit to carrier
  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Grocery Stores
  • Fine Dining
  • Deli/Cafe
  • Mobile gourmet food vendors
  • Offices
  • Financial Institutions

AmTrust Top BOPs/Package Classes

AmTrust Workers’ Comp Coverage

AmTrust Hotel Coverage 

AmTrust BOP Apartment Supplement

AmTrust Hotel Supplement


Liberty Mutual

Commercial Lines

  • $400-$750 min. premium depending on class and line of business
  • BOPs/Package
  • Commercial Auto
  • Monoline general liability
  • Restaurants
  • Janitorial
  • Beauty salon

Liberty Mutual Appetite Guide

Liberty Mutual Middle Market Appetite Guide

Liberty Mutual Northern CA Top Classes

Liberty Mutual/Golden Eagle Farm Appetite Guide


Workers’ Compensation (monoline only)

  • Min. policy premium is $7,500
  • 3 years CVLR (within 6 months)
  • Mid-term accounts accepted
  • Construction class codes can be written with premium over $10,000

Kemper Specialty

Personal Lines

WIAA subproducers may quote and issue Kemper Specialty autos directly on the Kemper Specialty Website. Please email for a username and password. You must add yourself as a Producer to instantaneously be added to the list of appointed Producers before policy issuance.

NOTE: Agents are responsible for emailing WIAA a copy of the signed application along with supporting documents within 24-48 hours of issuance. Failure to do so may result in no commission being paid.

  • 15/30/5 minimum limits; 100/300/100 max
  • Payment options, monthly installments – EFT only (down payment
    must be made by credit card)
  • SR22s accepted
  • Suspended license or never licensed
  • Challenged driving record
  • DUI ok
  • broker fees ok

Kemper Specialty website:

Kemper Specialty Quick Reference Guide (with links to Rideshare Endorsement for Uber and Lyft drivers, Permissive Use Buyback, etc.) :


DOs and DON’Ts  with Kemper Specialty:

  • Do send WIAA a copy of the signed application and supporting documents if applicable within 48 hours after issuance
  • Do inspect vehicles and/or have insureds text/send you photos of vehicles (for vehicles with full coverage) to keep on file and send to WIAA for vehicles with full coverage
  • Do run the MVR and reconcile any accidents
  • Do add a person onto the policy if they drive the insured’s car more than 2 times a year
  • Do add Permissive Use Buyback (PUB) to customers with higher liability limits to safeguard against a reduction in coverage due to losses involving listed or permissive users
  • Do add the Rideshare Endorsement if they drive for Lyft or Uber
  • Don’t use Agency Sweep as a payment type
  • Don’t lower the default annual miles generated by the system
  • Don’t give full driving experience to drivers who only have Matricula IDs! Only 1 month of driving experience may be given.  



  • Insured request cancellation fee: $50
  • Endorsement fee: $3
  • SR-22 fee: $15
  • NSF fee: $20
  • Reinstatement fee: $15
  • Late fee: $6
  • Installment fee for direct bill: $12
  • Installment fee for EZPay (recurring credit card payments): $8
  • Installment fee for EZPay (bank draft): $3
  • Carrier 6 and 12 month policy fee: $20 per policy ($16 for good drivers)