For Underwriting, please call WIAA at 800-553-4221. For service on an existing account, call Safeco at 866-472-3326. For Claims, please call Safeco claims at 800-332-3226.

NOTE: Please do not call Safeco to issue a new policy or to rewrite a policy! When this happens, Safeco withholds commission until renewal so please be sure to contact WIAA for all new business.

Personal Lines


  • 50/100/25 minimum limits. 500/500 max.
  • CA Good Drivers Only (No DUI’s in past 10 years or SR-22’s in last 5 years)
  • Accurate annual mileage – Rate as commute for all employed insureds and students. Accept system generated mileage unless insured can provide proof of miles driven with 2 recent oil service receipts (Safeco conducts audits and will ask for verification if needed)
  • Exclusions – 5% or less, no spousal exclusions
  • Motorcycle – 50/100/25 minimum limits. Safeco’s hit ratio is 40% for Harley Davidson drivers with experience!
  • No Action on Pre-Bind Pause or Paper Application – DO NOT PURSUE


  • HO3: Up to $3M Coverage A. Homes above $1.5M must have central fire and burglar alarm
  • HO3 for Wildfire areas – Limited Liability Policy available up to $700K Cov A with accompanying CA Fair Plan policy (Safeco’s version of a Difference in Condition policy). Click here for requirements for Safeco DIC policy.
  • Renters: $25K minimum Cov C
  • Dwelling Fire – DP3 only! No DP1 or DP2. Up to  $1.5M Coverage A. Stand alone ok. Underwriting pre-approval required for Cov A of $1M+
  • Acceptable Named Insured Guidelines –  Named Insured must be individual’s name for most states! Click to learn more
  • No Action on Pre-Bind Pause – DO NOT PURSUE
  • Must include Full Value Contents Replacement
  • Extended Dwelling, Personal Offense, Water Back-Up, Special Personal Property strongly recommended


  • Must have auto insurance with Safeco (250/500/100 minimum underlying auto limits or 500/500/100 underlying motorcycle limits



  • Auto with Home: 22% account credit with supporting home, 15% with supporting Condo and 10% with supporting renters
  • Auto with DP3: 14% account credit applied with supporting Landlord Protection
  • Auto with Umbrella: 8% account credit applied with Umbrella policy
  • Distant Student Discount is 20% off Auto for youthful operator (under 25 years old) who is part of household but a resident student at an education institution over 100 miles from garaging address and the youthful operator does not have a car at school
  • Good Student Discount: Varies from 1-10% off depending on number of years of driving experience of student. Must be under 25 years old, grades from immediate preceding semester or quarter must show B average, 3.0 average, top 20% of his/her class, or dean’s honor list. Agent must have proof of eligibility.
  • Mature Driver Auto Discount: 5% discount for drivers age 55+. Must have completed a CA state approved mature driver improvement course and accident free within past 3 years.
  • CA Good Driver Discount: 20% discount for drivers who has been continuously licensed for previous 36 months, the most recent 18 months in the US or Canada; has no more than 1 DMV point in the past 3 years; no DUI in past 10 years; no At-Fault accident with BI or death
  • CA Superior Driver Discount: 10% off for drivers who qualify for Good Driver Discount in addition to: having 5 years driving experience, no chargeable violations in past 3 years, no major violations in past 5 years, no more than 1 DMV point in past 5 years, no At Fault accidents with BI or death in past 5 years
  • Home: 15% account credit applied with supporting auto; 2% account credit with supporting Umbrella
  • Landlord Protection: 14% account credit applied with supporting property (or primary resident for customer to include home, renters or condo)
  • Motorcycle: 5% account credit applied with any supporting Safeco personal lines property & casualty product; 5% Safety Course, Instructor certificate, Association (AMA, Harley Owners Group, BMWMOA, etc.) or Mature Driver Improvement Course (age 55+) within past 3 years (must have proof); 15% credit if the policy contains more than one Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile, or Golf Cart; 15% persistency discount if policy remains with Safeco for 3 consecutive years without a lapse
  • Watercraft: 5% account credit applied with supporting auto, home, condo or renters

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